lundi 16 août 2010

MCZA 003 - Daily Mind Distortion "Totally Infested" LP

MCZA 003 - Daily Mind Distortion "Totally Infested" LP
Co-released with  Positively Negative Rds and Live'N'Direct.

Un des meilleurs groupes français en live livre ici un LP ultra énergique, entre Rock'n'roll high energy et punk rock. IT'S TIME TO KICK OUT THE SKATE MOTHERFUCKERS !!!

Brand new 12" from this HC band from Tours, France, and it's a ripping party platter for sure. Combining elements of straightforward thrashy HC a la Vitamin X with killer dual-guitar leads a la Judas Priest and super catchy, punk-inspired songwriting, I could imagine these guys driving the crowd crazy at a big Euro punk fest like Trash Fest. If you're only into doom and gloom you'd best stay away, but if you like your HC loose and fun check this out. (Taken from Sorry State)

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