lundi 16 août 2010

MCZA 002 - Thrashington D.C. "Let Your Body Talk" LP

MCZA 002 : Thrashington D.C. "Let Your Body Talk" LP
Co-released with Free Edge Conspiracy, Positively Negative Rds, Wee Wee Rds, Crapoulet Rds, La Source, No Glory, Carbonized Cell, Kidz Wanna Have Some Fun, Under Siege, Spastic Fantastic, High Hopes, Build Me A Bomb...
Moins fast, plus rock'n'roll, ce nouvel LP est toujours aussi bon. Pour fan de Tear It Up et consorts...

Given their name and the garish cover artwork, I think it's safe to say that these French thrashers don't take themselves too seriously, but that doesn't mean that they don't play some ripping hardcore here. While there aren't many US bands currently playing this style, it seems like there's a solid contingent of Y2K-thrash-style bands active in Europe, and Thrashington DC are among that pack. However, while their fast parts can remind me of Tear It Up and Vitamin X, these guys know how to write a catchy, upbeat punk tune as well and that keeps the energy level pretty well through the roof on this full-length. Includes a killer, unlisted cover of "Denim Demon" by Turbonegro at the end. (Taken from Sorry State)

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