lundi 16 août 2010

MCZA 001 - Thrashington D.C. / Killin It ! Split 7"

Co-released with One Person Party Prodz, Positively Negative Rds, Wee Wee Rds, Crapoulet Rds, La Source, Out Of Vogue...
La connection France/USA au top avec ce split EP partagé entre les brestois de Thrashington D.C. et Killin' It! de New Brunswick, New Jersey. Du Hardcore Thrash de sales gosses sans temps mort !!!

New Jersey and France come together for some straightforward HC thrashing on this split 7"... while this stuff is straight up fast-and-hard, it's not typical 80s retro stuff... one gets the feeling that members of both of these bands treasure their Tear It Up records among other classics of Y2K thrash... in other words, this is all go no slow stuff. (Taken from Sorry State)

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